Auggie's Story

Auggie's Story

Diabetes is a widespread and serious disease in Auggie’s family — so severe that some of his loved ones have suffered amputations. Diabetes also created life-threatening health problems for Auggie, who used to take 200 units of insulin every day to manage his condition. He also had heart surgery at age 42.

When he saw how successful bariatric surgery was for some friends, he was ready.

“A couple of my friends went to Dr. Schrapps and were able to reduce their insulin or get off it altogether,” Auggie says. “I realized that’s what I needed to do.”

From the moment Auggie entered Dr. Schrapps’ office, he felt comfortable and welcome. The positive experience remained through his surgery and beyond. Now, he is completely off insulin, and he can’t keep the good news to himself.

“I recommend bariatric surgery to anybody,” Auggie says. “It’s a life changer.”