Road to Recovery

“I was training to ride in the New Mexico Senior Olympics when my heart rate suddenly bottomed out. I went unconscious before I hit the pavement and was unresponsive when I was found. I remember opening my eyes in an ambulance and then nothing else for the next three days.

Nancy LangfordFrom the emergency room through more than three weeks as an inpatient, I felt as though the entire care team at CHRISTUS St. Vincent enveloped me in healing and warmth. Dr. Caskey, Dr. Shields, Dr. Bulthuis, the floor docs, the radiologists, the nurses and nurse assistants, and all my therapists were thorough and attentive. My surroundings were bright, cheerful and immaculate.

I was so pleased with the quality of care I was receiving and the progress I was making that I chose to stay as long as was recommended to further my recovery.

With four brain bleeds, neck and pelvic fractures and trauma to the entire left side of my body, only recently did I fully understand just how close I came to dying.

It’s been a little over three months now since my accident. Though I still have some recovering to do, I am feeling great and am so thankful to have experienced such compassionate care.”

Nancy Langford, Santa Fe
Native New Yorker, Retired Advertising Executive, Harvard Fellow, Adventurer