Cecilia’s Story: How an Unexpected Bump in the Road Led to Midwifery Care—and an Exceptional Birthing Experience

Expecting Parents Cecilia and Jorge

Cecilia Trevino and her husband Jorge were over-the-moon with excitement when they discovered they were expecting their first child together. As a physician assistant at CHRISTUS Children’s in San Antonio, Cecilia had a unique insight into the medical world, which shaped her initial decisions and expectations about her pregnancy care, and she opted for a traditional route, choosing an OB-GYN affiliated with her employer.

Life had other plans, however, and her chosen obstetrician moved, leaving her without an established caregiver as she approached her third trimester. This unexpected change introduced a layer of uncertainty into what was supposed to be a joyous journey.

But then a new opportunity arose that shifted Cecilia and Jorge’s path to parenthood significantly. Cecilia, who had always envisioned a traditional obstetrician-led birth, found herself considering an alternative she hadn't before: midwife care.

Luckily for Cecilia, CHRISTUS Children’s has a midwifery team on staff, comprised of Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs). These highly trained professionals, having completed rigorous nursing and graduate midwifery programs and a national certification exam, are equipped to provide comprehensive care to women at all stages of life, from adolescence through menopause, as well as through pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. As Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), CNMs extend their services beyond traditional boundaries, delivering holistic care that encompasses both the medical and emotional aspects of a woman’s health journey. Their traditional midwifery methodology, combined with the capability to prescribe medication, assist in surgeries, and collaborate with OB-GYNs, allows them to provide exceptional care, even to high-risk patients.

"Midwifery care extends beyond traditional medical support to embrace the medical, emotional and physical needs of expectant mothers,” explained Jana Sullivan, MSN, CNM, director of Midwifery Services at CHRISTUS Children’s. “In additional to providing medical care, we focus on empowering our patients and their families, which has shown to yield significant positive outcomes, like lower rates of severe perineal tears, reduced preterm births, lower infant mortality, and fewer cesarean sections. Our philosophy is also rooted in holistic family care and education, creating a supportive and knowledgeable environment for the whole family."

The introduction to the midwifery options at CHRISTUS Children’s opened a new door for Cecilia and Jorge.

"Just being in the hospital realm and being in medicine, I always think of the worst-case scenario, so I initially wanted an OB-GYN in case of complications,” Cecilia said. “After learning about the availability of a midwife, I researched and realized it aligned better with my desired labor experience, and I knew an OB would be on call if needed.”

Cecilia and Jorge met with Jana, and both were impressed by her approach to labor and delivery during their initial meeting. This connection marked the beginning of a trusting relationship that would significantly shape their experience.

"We went to see Jana and loved her immediately,” Cecilia said. “My husband and I had the chance to ask questions, and Jana discussed her views on the laboring process, which aligned with what I envisioned. It felt like everything up to this point had happened for a reason, leading us to Jana."

In the weeks before the delivery, Cecilia's appointments with Jana, although limited due to her advanced stage of pregnancy, were filled with thorough discussions, advice and preparation for the big day. These interactions were not just clinical; they were personal, comforting and enlightening. Jana's expertise in midwifery, combined with her calm and professional demeanor, built a foundation of trust and confidence for Cecilia and Jorge. This bond proved invaluable, especially when Cecilia went into labor naturally at 39 weeks, earlier than her scheduled induction.

The labor experience itself was a testament to the unique care that a midwife can provide. When Cecilia's water broke, she headed to the hospital, and when Jana arrived, her presence brought an aura of calm and expertise. She guided Cecilia through the labor process with a reassuring and patient approach, addressing every concern and question with understanding and professionalism. Her support was not just clinical; it was emotional and empowering, helping Cecilia navigate through the stress and pain of labor.

"Once Jana arrived, my anxiety immediately eased,” Cecilia recalled. “She calmly announced I was 10 centimeters dilated and ready. Throughout, she was professional and comforting, distracting me from my worries. When I showed frustration or stress, she reassured me, addressing my concerns about the duration and the possibility of a C-section. Jana assured me we'd go at my pace, never rushing me. I also appreciated her teamwork with the nurses and constant communication, and I feel like she played a pivotal role in making me feel comfortable and ensuring a positive, healthy birth experience overall."

The morning after her water broke, on May 19, 2023, Cecilia and Jorge welcomed their son Sebastian into the world. Weighing 7 lbs., 8 oz., Sebastian's arrival was a moment of pure joy and relief.

Reflecting on their experience, Cecilia and Jorge couldn't be more satisfied with the care they received. The journey, which started with uncertainty, ended with a beautiful, healthy baby and a newfound appreciation for midwife-led care. So profound was their experience that they have already decided that Jana will be their primary provider for any future pregnancies.

“We couldn’t be happier with how things worked out and the midwifery care we received at CHRISTUS Children’s,” Cecilia said. “Our baby is healthy, and he is such a good, calm baby. Thinking back on how I was prepared for the worst, I feel so blessed that everything worked out exactly as it did."

To learn more about the midwifery services offered at CHRISTUS Children’s, visit https://www.christushealth.org/locations/childrens-hospital/midwifery

New Happy Parents Cecilia and Jorge and Newborn Baby Sebastian

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